About us

Respiro d’Arte is a unique trio, one of its kind in Europe. It consists of a soprano, trombonist and organist. Blending the sounds of a soprano and trombone is what makes it special: an unusual combination, even though these instruments are in fact much closer to each other than one may think, with the sound of trombone imitating human voice. All of that is complemented by organ, yet another instrument that uses air to produce sound. This is the origin of the name of the band: Respiro d’Arte. Breathing art.

The ensemble has been created by accomplished young musicians from Poznań: Anna Budzyńska, Wojciech Jeliński and Agnieszka Tarnawska, all of them successful soloists. In their meeting, they have found new inspiration.

Their repertoire stems from diverse sources. The musicians actively search for music that was written with a trio of a soprano, trombone and organ in mind, in Baroque and later. Furthermore, they write new arrangements of existing pieces but also encourage contemporary composers to write music for their ensemble.

Even though Respiro d’Arte was created not that long ago, the musicians have ambitious plans for concerts both in Poland and abroad.